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MISFITS 5'0 The Sinister Kid

Board Specs:

Height: 5'0" x 20 5/8 x 2 1/8

Fins: 5 fin FCS2 (fins not included)

Volume: 26.20 liters

Until now, the most sinister kid was definitely Nelson Muntz. However, it is with great pride that we now announce that there is a new king in town. It all started as the second installment of our collaboration series with George Henderson of ‘A.D.C.C’, the ‘SINISTER KID’ is our new proggy take on a traditional mini simmons. True to its original plan-shape, this board is super flat, with lots of surface area, which hovers over small waves and fat sections. The bottom has a rolled vee through entry into a double concave and vee out tail, allowing the board to pivot and release, sit a high trim line yet be forgiving and stable. The low profile rail shape, fin configuration and overall weight and shape is all modernized to make a radically short, wildly fun summer board for waves under 4ft and a classic running point style board. You can rest easy knowing that there isn’t a more sinister kid than the sinister kid.